Month: January 2017

Everything in life is a process. This applies to each type of construction including your house and each of its components. Moreover, your internal walls also have a particular process in which metal studs or wood studs serve a specific function.

You may be wondering about the difference between using metal or wood for the same structure. Then, at Lozada Construction, our job is to offer you a good answer to help you decide before you start your next project.

Today, we will talk about all that you need to know in regards to wood and metal studs. After reading, you’ll be able to come to a consensus about what stud is best for your project.


Before we start, let us explain: Studs are the skeleton of internal walls. Whether they are made of wood or metal, they help to provide the adequate shape and strength to internal projects.

In addition, studs help keep other structures in place such as windows, doors, siding, interior finish, and more.



Moreover, knowing the purpose of those elements will help you think about the main differences between them. For instance, let’s say that there is a particular risk of fire in your new property. Then, metal studs are better since they won’t burn as wood will do. Different situations will make one stud material better than the other.

For instance, wood possesses a flexibility feature that may not be desirable for constructions. Meanwhile, the metal will always stay firm in a construction project.

On a similar note, wood possesses a great property that makes it easier to handle and control. Whereas. you can cut wood pieces easier than metal.

Now, if you are wondering about the weight of the structure, metal studs are lighter than wood. As you can clearly see, they both have their pros in different factors and aspects.

As we continue, there are not too many customized dimensions for metal studs. Moreover, you will have to request special metal studs if your project doesn’t stay on the regular measurements.

However, a good point in favor of using metal is that moisture doesn’t affect it. On the other hand, wood falls victim of water exposition causing its faster deterioration.

Finally, wood makes easier the drywall installation process. Working with metal studs represents a harder task for many people.

What are some other pros or cons that you know in regards to metal or wood studs? Share in the comments below!


Here’s the thing, there is no manual that says that you should use metal or wood studs everywhere. Then, each project will require a different evaluation.

Ask your contractor to determine what the best fit for your project is. With help from Lozada Construction, you can come to a consensus about what is best for your project.


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